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Pamela Anderson wants prisons in Canada to be totally vegan

Pamela Anderson wants meat and dairy off of prison menus, and she wants Justin Trudeau to do something about it.

The actress and animal rights activist wrote a letter to the Prime Minister through PETA, making her case for vegan meals in prison.

"Canada has the potential to cut costs even more if we switch to vegan meals for the roughly 40,000 people currently held in correctional facilities," Anderson wrote, adding that vegan meals are usually more healthy than those with meat and dairy.

Climate change presents another reason to make the shift, Anderson said. 

"Raising animals for food damages the environment more than just about anything else that we do."

There are about 14,000 federal inmates in Canadian prisons. If Trudeau were to take Anderson's advice, the roughly 25,000 inmates in provincial and territorial jails would not necessarily have to change their diets.

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Pamela Anderson wants prisons in Canada to be totally vegan

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