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American burger chain Red Robin is closing locations in Canada and fans are crushed

The American fast food chain Red Robin is shuttering all five of its Edmonton locations according to a company representative, resulting in the loss of some 300 jobs.

It'll also result in the loss of some damn good hamburgers, by the sounds of it.

Local fans are crushed by the news of the Colorad0-based chain's impending departure.

"This news isn't shocking but I'm nostalgically sad," wrote one on Twitter. "Red Robin was something we were excited to hit up after moving back to Alberta. They had great burgers and fries. Every time. Solid performer."

"Damn! My family loves this place. Great burgers and fries," wrote another. "My wife has always been able to trust they're gluten-free (not just 'gluten-friendly')."

Red Robin communications director Kevin Caulfield told Global News that the decision was made after a "reassessment of Red Robin's real estate portfolio."

People seem as sad for the loss of jobs as they are for the loss of bottomless french fries.

"Just read Red Robin's is closing ALL Alberta store Dec 8. The hospitality industry has never been so fierce. My heart goes out to all their hardworking crew," wrote a resident of the province on Twitter Monday.

"Whoa! Doesn't Red Robin know Alberta has lower taxes than BC? It's almost like lowering tax rates doesn't in fact create jobs?" quipped another, tagging Premier Jason Kenny's Conservative government.

Alberta's remaining Red Robin locations are slated to close on December 8. The company's 12 other Canadian stores, all in B.C., will remain open.

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