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Chinese grocery chain Sungiven Foods is expanding to Canada

A popular Chinese grocery chain has set its sights on Canada for its next expansion, starting with British Columbia. 

Sungiven Foods is planning to open its first international location in Vancouver next month before (hopefully) opening 15 more stores across B.C.’s Lower Mainland within the next five years, according to Global News.

The chain currently has 100 locations in China, but they don't have any other stores elsewhere in the world.

According to Statistics Canada’s 2016 census, there are about 175,000 Chinese people living in Vancouver, which makes the city a great spot for the store's first ever Canadian store. 

Terence Fong, senior vice-president of Sungiven’s Canadian arm, told Global they believe they'll be successful in Vancouver because no one else is doing exactly what they are. 

Sungiven is a fairly small grocery store selling four private brands: the Sungiven brand, Onetang, Ontrue and Yuho. 

Fong also told Global they believe their in-house non-GMO rice and cooking oil products, coconut water and cashew nuts will be some of their most successful products in Canada. 

Speaking with Retail Insider, Fong said he believes there’s a niche market for them in Vancouver because they don't currently have any Asian stores offering the same high quality products. 

"We don’t want to be like a big box. We are not a big box. We want to be focusing more on our quality and our price," he told them.

The very first Canadian location of Sungiven Foods will be in Vancouver’s City Square shopping centre near City Hall. It's set to open in mid November in a 14,000 square foot storefront.

When asked by Retail Insider if the company expects to expand to other parts of Canada, Fong said: “Yes, in our minds. But first we want to make it in Vancouver first and then after that elsewhere in Canada.”

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