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Timbits cereal is apparently a thing and Canadians are losing it

Just a month after Tim Horton's soup debuted on the shelves of select grocery stores across the country, it appears the quintessential Canadian coffee chain may be releasing a cereal version of one of its most popular treats — and people online are freaking out.

A few pictures of birthday cake and chocolate glazed Timbit-flavoured cereal have been making their way around social media, causing people to wonder when, and more importantly if the product will hit stores.

Someone in Burlington posted an image of a box of the cereal earlier this month, and Michigan-based cereal blog Cerealously wrote about the product last week.

And then cereal Instagram account cereallife posted what looks like a different (or perhaps photoshopped) picture of the same box today.

People have been speculating on the rumour ever since.

Based on the photos, the cereal is manufactured by the Post brand, and comes in a box featuring the bilingual text typical of Canadian products. The top of the carton is also designed to resemble the recognizable Timbits snack pack.

Timmie's has yet to confirm or deny the news, but until they do, Canadians are keeping their fingers crossed.

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