smudge the cat

Someone celebrated American Thanksgiving with a Smudge the cat pie

Canada's most popular pet, Smudge the cat (a.k.a. the leading feline from the lady yelling at cat meme), has his fair share of devotees outside of the country, too.

One particular admirer south of the border went to the effort of making a pumpkin pie with the Ottawa meme star's face on it for American Thanksgiving, to the delight of thousands of Smudge fans.

California resident Casey Gilley shared some photos of her Smudge the cat pie to a cat Facebook group, and more than 15,000 of the page's 502,095 fans became obsessed with it.

smudge the catShe woke up the next morning taken aback by the response to her homemade "Thanksgivmeme" pie — which has garnered nearly 400 comments and counting — thanking fellow group members for "all of the chonky love."

The pie was especially fitting given that everyone knows Smudge hates vegetables and his claim to fame is a photo where he seems to be complaining about salad.

Smudge is a regular source of fodder for discussion in the group, which was inspired by him and cute thicc bois like him.

Lead photo by

Casey Gilley

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