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Beyond Meat unveils plans for major Canadian expansion

The burger that tastes like meat but isn't has been taking Canada by storm for quite some time now, and it turns out the company has big plans to expand production through the Great White North. 

Beyond Meat Inc. founder and chief executive Ethan Brown told The Globe and Mail the company has plans to partner with an unnamed company in order to begin forming and packaging Beyond Meat products at a production facility outside Montreal in 2020. 

He said Canada is a "very progressive market" for the company, and that they plan to continue moving production facilities to popular markets. 

Brown told The Globe that Canada is now the company's second-largest market outside of the United States, out of the more than 50 countries where it currently sells its products. 

The company first introduced its staple soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free Beyond Meat burger to Canada by selling it in A&W locations across the country.

The product was immediately successful and incredibly hard to find, as they were constantly selling out from the fast food restaurants. 

The burgers made from pea protein and other pulses eventually made their way into Canadian grocery stores — where they currently sell for a steep $7.99 per two patties. Brown said they plan to introduce Beyond Beef, a meatless ground beef, in Canadian grocery stores soon enough.

Other fast food restaurants including Tim Hortons and McDonald's have also tested out selling the meatless products. 

Tim Hortons rolled out the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich at all of its Canadian locations before eventually reducing it to just Ontario and B.C., but Brown told The Globe that more than half of Tim Hortons’ Canadian locations are in those two provinces. 

McDonald's has been testing a Beyond Meat burger in 28 restaurants in Southern Ontario, and Brown told the Globe he hopes to continue to grow with the fast food retailer and expand into additional markets.

Brown said the company's plans for expansion in Canada also include increased marketing efforts, such as the use of Canadian influencers and athletes to promote their products as a healthy alternative to meat, as well as a better choice for the environment. 

He also said the company intends to work on making the burgers healthier and more affordable. 

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