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Canadian gelato joint just set a world record for most flavours

A gelato shop in Vancouver has been serving up hundreds of flavours for decades now, but soon they'll officially hold the world record.

La Casa Gelato first opened its doors in 1982, beginning as a small Italian Sports bar serving 20 flavours of gelato in East Vancouver. 

Now, 38 years later, the iconic spot offers 238 flavours on location and they're the unofficial record holders for most gelato flavours in the world. 

Soon, they'll make it official. 

November 14 is Guinness World Records Day (GWR Day), the one day a  year when thousands of people around the world come together to become a title holder. 

La Casa Gelato is releasing a special new gelato flavour in honour of the day, and they're inviting everyone in the area to come out and try it.

"This year, we will be joining the worldwide event and making our 238 flavours the 'Official World Record' holder for the most commercially available ice cream flavours," their website states.

"To celebrate the occasion, we will be making a special new flavour of gelato. What flavour are we adding to our already spectacular roster? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out! We will be announcing the flavour just before the big day."

All proceeds from sales of the new flavour will go to the B.C. Children's Hospital. 

Some of the craziest flavours available at La Casa Gelato include pumpkin latte, vodka caesar, honeycomb, chocolate brownie hemp seed and more. 

They pretty much sell every kind of gelato you could ever dream of, so there's no telling what Thursday's surprise flavour could be.

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