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Canadians can now buy a Christmas stocking that's actually a giant flask

Forced family gatherings with bigoted uncles, grandmothers who incessantly ask when you're getting married, and your cousin's three screeching toddlers that you have the luxury of seeing once a year are just a few of the reasons why the holidays are an ideal time to drink.

One company called Party Flasks has created the perfect Santa-themed flask  — which is just a wine sack in the shape and colour of a stocking, really — for the Christmas moments when you need it most.

Hang "Santa's flask" on your mantle by the fire (not for too long, though, unless you're into mulled-ish wine), or maybe even on your tree if it has a branch sturdy enough to hold 2.25 L worth of booze.

Even better, take it on the go or keep it on the couch next to you so you can conveniently refill your glass and stay cozy throughout the evening as you listen to your parents argue with one another.

Actually, why even bother with the glass? You may as well just hold the leak-proof plastic vessel above your head and drink it out of its easy-to-use nozzle (it's fine, Australians do it all of the time). 

The company also manufactures wine receptacles in a variety of styles, so you can be a seasonal alcoholic all year round. I certainly know what's going at the top of my wish list this year!

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