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DoorDash might be the most hated restaurant delivery service in Canada

Food delivery apps have been all the rage since they arrived in Canada, but one app in particular has been under fire numerous times. 

DoorDash has been criticized by restaurants for listing them on the app without consent in the past, and now it's happening again. 

Two restaurants in Halifax have posted messages on their social media accounts asking customers not to order from their restaurant through DoorDash, as they never consented to being on it in the first place. 

"DoorDash is currently featuring Black Sheep restaurant on their app without our consent. They have outdated menus and incorrect pricing," a post on their Facebook page states.

"Black Sheep restaurant does not have a partnership with DoorDash. Please do not let your customer experience with them reflect the service and product that we offer as a small independently-owned restaurant."

Black Sheep says when customers order through the app, a representative from DoorDash calls the restaurant and places a regular takeout order. 

And because DoorDash often features outdated menus, when someone orders an item that is no longer available, the DoorDash representative will lie and say the restaurant just ran out of that menu item.

They also said when a customer gives a gratuity, all of it goes to DoorDash and not the restaurant staff.

"From a restaurant’s perspective that focuses on a sit-down dining experience, it’s important to note that not all plates are recommended for take out. Some food does not travel well and may not sit well while waiting for pickup from a third party delivery system," they added. 

John House, co-owner of the Black Sheep restaurant, told CBC he asked DoorDash to take them off the app but they were still listed on it as of this week. 

Kitsune Food Co. has had a similar experience. They shared Black Sheep's Facebook post on their own page and asked their customers not to order from them through DoorDash, saying they too never gave consent to be listed on the app. 

Eric McIntyre, co-owner of Kitsune Food Co., also told CBC he requested to have his restaurant removed but as of Monday evening, that hasn't yet been done.

"If DoorDash is doing a poor job at this, that's a representation of our business, and we're not asking to be represented by them. And they didn't ask us at all to use our menu," he told CBC. "It's super shady."

This is far from the first time restaurant owners have complained of such a grievance with DoorDash. 

Back in 2017, multiple Toronto restaurants were listed on the app without the owners' consent, and many of their listings also featured outdated prices and menus.

When asked for comment on the subject by CBC, DoorDash sent a statement.

"We work constantly to ensure that our services make merchants more successful, and thousands of restaurants across Canada have told us that this is the case," the statement reads.

"For those not interested in being on DoorDash for any reason, we immediately remove them from the platform upon their request."

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