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A popular restaurant in Calgary was shut down for cockroaches

It's safe to say the staff and patrons of Calgary's Happy Lamb Hot Pot are not so happy at the moment.

The chain restaurant on 36 Street NE , which is also known by locals as Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, was shut down by Alberta Health Services last week over a number of health violations that included a massive cockroach infestation.

AHS noted in its report that both live and dead cockroaches, as well as insecticide, were found throughout the establishment — even in food preparation areas and freezers.

The restaurant also had visible damage and a "heavy accumulation of debris" — i.e. dirt — on the floor and walls of spaces where food was  cooked.

And, some ingredients were apparently "stored on the floor and partially covered by a piece of soiled cardboard." Cringe.

Generally, the whole kitchen was unsanitary enough for the popular Mongolian eatery to be shuttered until it's visited by an exterminator, deep cleaned and brought up to code. 

Unfortunately, despite strict health regulations, the issue of cockroaches and other pests in restaurants isn't exactly rare in big Canadian cities.

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