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Tim Hortons just revealed their Canadian holiday menu

Tim Hortons just revealed all the tasty new treats on their holiday menu this year, and they just might give Starbucks a run for their money. 

Starting today, Tim Hortons is offering a selection of holiday-themed beverages across the country including candy cane-flavoured white and regular hot chocolate, gingerbread lattes and tea lattes and a gingerbread Iced Capp. 

The drinks will be served in holiday cups decorated with gumdrops and candy cane pinwheels, so your beverage will be as festive on the outside as it is on the inside.

And on top of Christmas-themed beverages, Tims is now also offering a selection of holiday gifts. 

The chain is selling red and white knitted mittens and toques; hot chocolate, maple dip and Double Double-flavoured candy canes; Tim Hortons cup holiday ornaments; a selection of holiday cards decorated with Timbits and mugs decorated with winter animals like polar bears and moose.

Starting November 27, Tim Hortons will also officially begin selling holiday baked goods. 

One of the sweets on this year's menu is a red-nosed reindeer donut, which consists of chocolate Timbits rolled in red sprinkles and set on top of chocolate-dipped donuts with two sugar eyes and chocolate antlers.

The holiday baked goods menu will also feature a chocolate Swiss Roll filled with vanilla cream, a ginger molasses-filled cookie and a cream cheese-filled gingerbread muffin. 

And in order to do some good this holiday season, $1 from each holiday merchandise purchase will be donated to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

"We're excited to help Canadians start celebrating the holiday season with our lineup of holiday beverages, baked goods and merchandise," said Mike Hancock, Chief Operating Officer of Tim Hortons.

"Tims has everyone on your holiday gift [list] covered this holiday season, and we're particularly proud that $1 from each holiday gift purchased will be donated to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps helping youth from disadvantaged circumstances change their stories for the better."

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