Tim Hortons hot dog

People are making fun of the hot dog sandwiches at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons appears to have overcorrected its menu a tad after scrapping plant-based sausage options in all but a handful of stores across Canada.

Customers of the iconic coffee chain weren't feeling vegan meat, for the most part, and that's fair — but it doesn't mean Canadians want cut up hot dogs on their breakfast sandwiches.

The company's new Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches, rolled out shortly after the cancellation of their short-lived Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches, are said to feature "a split savoury smoked sausage link" atop egg and cheese on either a biscuit or English muffin.

The split-in-half sausage thing also comes as a wrap, as seen in a video re-posted to the popular Instagram account 6ixBuzzTV on Tuesday.

"What's happening at Timmy's?" says an incredulous young man in that video while waiting at a Tim Hortons drive-thru. "They've got... fucking... what? Hot dogs in a wrap?... The fuck is going on?"

The video, posted to Tik Tok by Blake Smith of Guelph, Ont., shows what looks exactly like two wieners, side-by-side on a wrap with potato wedges, lettuce and cheese.

Reaction to the cursed image confirms that it tastes as unholy as it looks.

"Tried the new smoked sausage breakfast wrap from Tim Hortons
 this morning," tweeted one customer on November 6. "Mistake. To be clear, that smoked sausage was basically a hot dog... for breakfast."

"Decided to try the new smokey sausage wrap from Tim Hortons," wrote another. "Was not expecting mustard. Tastes like I'm eating a weird hot dog."

Another Twitter user disagreed that hot dog part tastes like a hot dog, but still couldn't get on board with the wrap.

"It's not like linked breakfast sausage, taste wise, but it's definitely not hot dog either," she responded in a thread about the sandwich. "The biscuit: totally fine and dandy. The WRAP?: Kill me now it has lettuce, potato wedges, processed cHEESE, AND MUSTARD IN IT."

"That smoked sausage wrap at Tim Hortons is a hot dog with lettuce, mustard and a potato wedge in a wrap," joked another.

"Classic addition to a stellar menu that includes burnt but not toasted bagel and coffee that's been in someone else's mouth. I'll be back tomorrow."

Most people aren't even down to try either product, given that they both include what look like cut up hot dogs. Many are simply floored that Tim Hortons would think the item looked like anything else.

"Who gave Tim Hortons the confidence to put a hot dog in a wrap and sell it?" wrote one critic on Twitter this week.

"Starting a petition to rename the new Tim Hortons smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. I propose: 'Bland Hot Dog Mushy Biscuit Surprise w/Egg'," wrote another.

"The surprise is that it sucks."

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