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Beyond Meat just launched Beyond Beef in Canada

Following the massive success of its partnership with A&W; to roll out plant-based burgers in the restaurants across the country, one of the world's most popular veggie burger brands has added yet another product to its Canadian offerings.

For Canadians looking to beef up their meals without adding parts of an actual cow carcass — carcinogens and all — Beyond Meat's vegetable-based ground "beef" is available in select Canadian grocery stores as of today.

Like all of Beyond's products, the meat alternative "meets or exceeds the nutritional profile of its animal equivalent," with more iron, less fat and less cruelty than ground beef.

The L.A.-based company says in a release that it sees north of the border as a "very progressive" market — not untrue when cities are seeing an explosion of their vegan restaurant scenes alongside the addition of new vegan items to the menus of a number of major Canadian food chains.

So naturally, Canada is the first country outside of the U.S. that has Beyond Beef available in retail stores, likely shelved right next to the brand's burgers.

The new plant-based product — ideal for chili, tacos, meatballs, casseroles, and more — will compete with brands like Canada's Yves, which has long-offered a vegan "ground round". Its 20 g of protein per serving comes from pea, rice and mung bean protein, and it is free of GMOs, soy and gluten.

The launch comes weeks after McDonald's and KFC tested out new vegan versions of their popular menu items in Canada, and nearly a year after Canada's Food Guide officially omitted dairy and encouraged residents to diversify their protein sources.

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