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McDonald's has dropped the price of the Big Mac in Canada to only $3

Burger fans rejoice! The McDonald Big Mac is now being sold for just $3 (plus tax) across Canada from now until December 16.

The price drop is meant to celebrate McDonalds' "remastering the classic" by  making some changes to the fan favourite menu item.

According to the fast food giant, their patties are now grilled in smaller batches, so they're not sitting out before they're eaten. The burger buns will also be served on warmer buns.

And to jazz things up even more, onions will now be added to the grill to bring out some extra flavour.

Changes to Big Macs started surfacing when Raptors head coach Nick Nurse started appearing in advertisements. He could be seen coaching McDonalds staff on adding more sauce to the iconic burgers, and making better sear marks on burger patties. 

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