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Spanish candy pharmacy Happy Pills plans to launch 20 stores in Canada

On overseas store specializing in adult candy — no, not that kind of adult candy — wants to make Canadians a little more happy.

Happy Pills, a company from Barcelona, thinks candy shouldn't be just for kids. The brand's sleek, minimalist storefronts tout luxury natural candy, focusing on the adult market with its unique shopping experience.

Customers can choose from a variety of amusing packaging meant to mimic medication bottles, and can even create their own custom labels for the "sweet remedies."

The company has stores in Spain, South Korea and a newly-opened shop in Boston. It will be opening at least 20 locations across Canada, starting with newly-opened 366 square foot store in CF Carrefour Laval, just outside of Montreal, Quebec.

The store's products make for the perfect gift, or dose of sugary goodness when you really just need a happy pill.

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