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People can't stop laughing at these wonky Tim Hortons reindeer donuts

Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian coffee chain and noted occasional purveyor of pastries with terrifying hand-drawn faces, has given the entire internet a very special present this holiday season in the form of its new "festive red-nosed Reindeer Donut."

Released to the public on November 27, the sweet treat is comprised of a chocolate timbit rolled in red sprinkles, set atop a regular chocolate-dipped donut.

Two "sugar eyes" and a set of chocolate antlers are meant to make it look like the face of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer who lights Santa's way in Robert Lewis May's classic Christmas tale.

It works, in theory — and when the donuts are put together by professional food stylists in Tim Hortons advertisements.

At the store level, where busy employees assemble their own little reindeer heads on site, it works even better... but in a different sort of way.

Similar to the "Smile Cookies" released by Tim Hortons each September as part of a charity fundraiser, the red-nosed reindeer donuts look quite different in person than they do in marketing materials.

Many of the reindeer donuts shared in photos on Instagram seem to be suffering, mouths agape as if to say "please kill me."

The level of effed-upidness among donuts varies from store to store, of course, based on how good a particular location's employees are with eye placement and such.

Some reindeer donuts are merely a bit wonky...

While others are downright disturbing.

Even when assembled to perfection, some people don't see a bright red nose but a wide open mouth in the centre of the chocolate donut.

It's kind of hard to unsee once your perspective shifts.

And once the "nose" comes off, the donut looks even weirder. 

"Just pulled the nose off of this 'Reindeer Donut' from Tim Hortons and all I can say is 'WOW'," wrote one Twitter user of what they saw.

"What did this poor donut go through? Where are it's parents? I have so many questions..."

"Hahahahah Jesus Christ that's supposed to be a reindeer?" commented someone on an Instagram photo of the donut.

"Looks like a chocolate donut man got a LOT of sprinkles shoved in his mouth hahaha."

Those who want to eat a donut that looks like the scrappy underdog saviour of Christmas can do so now at Tim Hortons for just $1.59 (plus the future cost of therapy.)

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