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Air Canada customer furious after finding rock in on-board meal

A Canadian couple is less than pleased with Air Canada after they discovered a rock in an on-board meal while travelling on a connecting flight from Zurich to Toronto. 

Ayman Amer, an engineer from Toronto, told CTV News he and his wife Cybele were travelling with their 10-year-old son when the cabin crew began distributing the in-flight meals. 

Amer told CTV his wife was given a green bean salad with chickpeas and grains and she immediately opened it and began eating. 

Suddenly, his wife screamed and removed what appeared to be a rock from her mouth. 

air canada meal

A close up view of the rock. Photo by Ayman Amer.

Amer said he immediately called over a flight attendant to complain about the rock, who then grabbed the meal and left with it.

Moments later, a cabin crew supervisor came over and said it was a dried bean. 

But after further examination, which Amer insisted on, a supervisor confirmed that it was in fact a rock.

"My wife could have choked or broken her tooth, not to mention my 10-year-old son," he told CTV. 

Amer told CTV he was offered a $100 Air Canada voucher in response to the mishap, though he said he's still quite angry about this "disaster."

Meanwhile, many on social media are saying most airlines use pre-packed food on board — meaning the rock in the salad was probably not actually their fault or within their control. 

And some are saying considering the low quality of Air Canada's food, a rock really isn't so bad. 

Others are saying Amer should let the whole thing go considering nobody got hurt in the end. 

"Buddy needs to chill a bit," one Twitter user wrote. "It's hardly a disaster. Nobody died. Sucks, yeah, but come on. He is looking to cash in for a rock that could have, but didn't, hurt anyone."

Lead photo by

Ayman Amer

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