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People in Canada went dog sledding through a Tim Hortons drive-thru

Last week, staff at a Tim Hortons drive-thru in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia were pleasantly surprised by a group of unexpected visitors: a group of locals and their dogs.

East Coast Mushing — a group that promotes mushing in Atlantic Canada — braved the cold weather and stopped by the drive-thru to pick up a latte and a small pack of Timbits, which the dogs were eager to sample, too.

“Mushers from East Coast Mushing paid a visit to the Tim Hortons on First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville to give the hardworking dogs a Timbit treat!” reads the post’s caption.

Naturally, Canadians are weighing in on the hilarious video.

"Only in the Maritimes," one Facebook user wrote, while another added, "There's nothing more Canadian than taking a dogsled team through Tim Hortons."

A New Brunswick radio station chimed in with a comment that all Canadians can relate to: "When it snows and you need your Double-Double..."

No word yet on whether the dogs ordered any of Tim Hortons' new Dream Donuts.

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East Coast Mushing

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