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People are upset with Justin Trudeau for buying doughnuts from a local Canadian bakery

A Winnipeg bakery is fighting back against online critics after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau popped in to buy doughnuts from them yesterday afternoon. 

Trudeau made a surprise visit to Oh Doughnuts yesterday in order to stock up on treats before cabinet meetings. 

"Picked up some of Winnipeg’s best to keep us going through another full day of Cabinet meetings," he wrote on Twitter. "Thanks for the fuel, @OhDoughnuts. #shoplocal"

The bakery quickly retweeted Trudeau's post and confirmed that he really did go into the shop and buy the doughnuts himself.

"Thanks for stopping by @JustinTrudeau," they wrote. "We can confirm he carried these out the door. Pretty sure Health Canada would agree everything is okay in moderation. Also most of our ingredients are local and those boxes are carbon neutral."

But despite the pleasant messages exchanged between Trudeau and the Oh Doughnuts owners, Canadians weren't quite as pleased. 

Many residents quickly attacked Trudeau for choosing to buy baked goods from a more high-end, expensive bakery instead of somewhere cheap like Tim Hortons. 

Canadians also criticized the PM for buying doughnuts while Newfoundland continues to be buried in snow. 

And though some Canadians did praise Trudeau for choosing to buy local, many chose to instead find fault in his choice. 

In response to the backlash, Oh Doughnuts quickly posted a Twitter thread defending the Prime Minister's actions and explaining why it's better for everyone when you buy from local businesses.

"We are locally owned;employ 30+ staff who enjoy breaks and have the option of joining a benefit plan;we use local butter, eggs and flour;our doughnuts are made fresh daily;we do our best to pay a living wage & never pay minimum wage," they wrote on Twitter.

"We pay to compost our organic waste & offer compostable or recyclable packaging. Our pricing reflects our respect for our employees, the environment and our commitment to quality, local goods. We are a small biz that really appreciated the sale on a cold Jan Mon morn. #cndpoli."

Meanwhile, the federal government is gearing up to launch an ad campaign next summer that will encourage Canadians to shop local.

It'll be called the Buy Canadian Promotion Campaign.

According to Public Works and Government Services Canada, the campaign will be "a national approach to better connect Canadians with and instill pride in Canada's food system and its agriculture, food and seafood products which is part of the new Canada's Food Policy."

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