corona beer virus

Canadians are searching for Corona beer virus and people are confused

In a hilarious twist, Canadians have now started searching for "corona beer virus" on Google.

As of January 26, the search term has spiked on Google Trends, a website that analyzes popular search queries. "Corona beer virus" gained 100 points over the past few days — the maximum amount of points that the website offers.

Most of the searches are from users in Quebec and Ontario.

corona beer virusAstonishingly, some Canadians seem to have confused the lethal respiratory virus sweeping Wuhan with a pale lager exported from Mexico.

And the rest of Canada is very, very confused.

One Twitter user pretty much summed up how everyone else was feeling after learning the news.

And another user had some strong opinions on the matter.

This Canadian was pretty sure that Corona Canada's legal team is working overtime right now.

And a man from Montreal decided it was time for drastic measures.

Even Corona Canada got in on the joke.

For those Canadians that are seriously searching "corona beer virus": no, you can't contract the disease from Corona beer.

Go ahead and enjoy that lager.

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Corona Canada

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