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Domino's just gave thousands of free pizza to people in Newfoundland

Unless you've been stuck on a deserted island for a week with no cell reception, you'll know that Newfoundland is currently recovering from a record-breaking blizzard — and now, Domino's pizza is helping them out.

On Monday evening, Domino's surprised Newfoundlanders with 2,000 free, extra-large pizzas. Nurses, police officers, plow drivers and other first responders were treated to an estimated $30,000 worth of cheesy goodness.

The tower of boxes was so large that Domino's delivery drivers needed trolleys just to bring the pizza into the buildings.

Even police officers got involved, using squad cars to deliver the free pizzas around the city.

Obviously, Newfoundlanders were pretty excited by the prospect of free Domino's pizza.

One nurse couldn't believe how much pizza there was.

And another woman was feeling proud of her homeland.

One hungry security guard was excited to get some pizza.

And a team of snow removal experts gave Domino's a shout-out for their generous gift.

Newfoundland's supermarkets were in chaos yesterday, so the free Domino's pizza must have come as a welcome surprise. Conditions are expected to improve as the week goes on.

Lead photo by

Jordon Blackwood

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