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Montreal restaurant gets menacing note from vegan activists

A Montreal restaurant was faced with glued locks and a menacing note on Monday, which was allegedly left by an animal rights activist.

Restaurant Manitoba, in Montreal's Mile-Ex neighbourhood, wrote in Facebook post on Tuesday about the incident where they claim to have found the note left in their mailbox and glue on the lock of their door, preventing them from entering their business. 

"Your chef Simon Mathys has blood on his hands and you are accomplices. Thousands of geese and ducks will pay unfairly with their lives for a simple pleasure of taste in this future slaughterhouse project," the anonymous note reads. 

The restaurant is known for its focus on farm to table, local ingredients, sourced from the Quebec countryside. Their website says the inspiration for their food is derived from their 'territory' and  they want to help people reconnect with nature and the seasons.

The owners of Restaurant Manitoba responded to the note on Facebook by saying that the impact of their food on the environment is top of mind.

“We always think about the impact of our food on the environment. We encourage local farmers who quietly produce a variety of vegetables and animals,” the post stated. “When we sacrifice an animal’s life to nourish our bodies and our minds, we pay tribute, we value each piece and we connect to it.”

They also wrote that the food they makes is not just made for 'simple' pleasure.  

“Yes, we have blood on our hands – that of animals that had happy lives, surrounded by nature and fundamentally good humans. We will think about your criticism and we will evolve, but we would like to see your militant energy focus on disconnected mega-producers rather than with restaurateurs.”

The note comes after another Montreal restaurant, Joe Beef, was also targeted by the group during a recent dinner service.

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