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Severe snowstorm threatens Newfoundland and people are stocking up on chips

A giant blizzard is touching down in Newfoundland this weekend and people seem to be getting prepared by stocking up on chips and storm kits.

Maybe chips are good fuel for shoveling? Or maybe they're just comfort food for when it feels like mother nature is unleashing her snowy wrath on your city. Regardless of the reason, Maritimers love their storm chips, which have now become a cultural phenomenon.

According to the Twitterverse the storm chips craze started in Halifax years ago, but has now become a thing for most Atlantic provinces.

Covered Bridge even created a bag of branded storm chips, marketing them as one bag with "a flurry of flavours" which includes salt and vinegar, dill pickle, barbecue, and ketchup.

For people Newfoundland, the need for storm chips is at all time high due to the fact that areas in the province are about to get hit with upwards of 70 cm of snow this weekend.

Environment Canada has issued a blizzard warning for St. John's and the greater vicinity. Dangerous blizzard conditions are expected, with very strong winds and visibility near zero in heavy snow and blowing snow.

Avalon Peninsula, Clarenville and vicinity, and Bonavista Peninsula are expected to get hit the hardest.

Chip aisles are already being depleted as people prepare for the worst by staying indoors for the remainder of the weekend. 

For extra preparedness, the the NLC liquorstore put out a wine and beer storm chip pairing guide. 

Even the RCMP is warning of the need for storm chips.

Ketchup chips, hickory Sticks, and Hawkins Cheezies seem to be the most fit storm chips, after all they're the most Canadian. 

Hopefully people in Newfoundland stock up before the storm gets to its worst. Environment Canada is telling people to postpone any unnecessary travel until the blizzard passes. 

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