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Tim Hortons cereal is officially available and people are loving it

Tim Hortons Timbit Cereal has officially hit grocery store shelves and people are going crazy over it.

News of the novelty cereal surfaced in the fall of last year, and it was confirmed by Post Foods Canada earlier this month that the cereal would be coming out soon.

Canadians are beginning to find the cereal boxes stacked high at local grocery stores across the country, and so far the reviews are in favour of the cereal — and that might be an understatement. 

It might just be the sugar rush talking, but people seem to be really enjoying the two flavours, chocolate glazed and birthday cake. 

This man even made a whole Youtube video about seeking out the cereal in Ontario and then poured himself a bowl in his car right outside the grocery store. Spoiler alert: he likes it.

It appears that the cereal retails just under $5.00 CAN for a 226 gram box, and can be purchased at major grocery stores across the country.

The cereal launch comes just months after  Tim Hortons' soup debuted on the shelves of select grocery stores across the country, which begs the question; What could possibly be next from Tim Hortons ? 

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