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The Dream Donuts at Tim Hortons aren't so dreamy after all

Tim Hortons staffers have a bit of a history of taking some... erm... creative liberties when preparing the coffee chain's special edition treats, as many will recall from not-so-jolly smile cookies and mildly unsettling reindeer donuts of yore.

The Canadian staple's new Dream Donuts are the latest addition to this list, and though they're not as horrifying as desserts with wonky faces, customers are complaining that the products are not exactly being delivered as advertised.

Some of the decorating fails have been pretty bad, as if zero effort was made to try and get the donuts to even remotely resemble the promotional photos.

Other renditions of the baked goods have been missing key elements, like the overstuffed amount of filling that was promised.

Or, any filling whatsoever.

And some have just ended up a little sad or gross-looking, as if the decorator could have used a few tips on how to apply icing.

Though there are a few glowing reviews online alongside photos of donuts that appear pretty delicious looking, there are clearly some inconsistencies as far as sprinkle and icing levels, as well as icing colour and type.

But really, what is it that we expect from one of the cheapest, busiest fast-food chains in the country? If I was working at a Timmy's in the middle of a morning rush, you can bet that my hand-crafted donuts would be pretty horrendous-looking too.

Tim Horton's should probably just stick to the classics it does best instead of trying to pretend it's fancy.

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