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Value Village is selling a bag of old lids from Tim Hortons for five bucks

Remember when Tim Hortons divided Canadians by switching up their coffee cup lids? In August 2018, the Canadian coffee giant swapped out their classic "peel" lids for a brand new, environmentally-friendly lid stamped with a maple leaf.

Not everyone was happy about the change, though.

Even Canadian superstar Justin Bieber weighed in on the drama, calling the new Tim Hortons cups a "damn outrage".

Well, it turns out that the drama isn't over yet. A Value Village in Winnipeg is now selling old Tim Hortons' lids for $4.99 a bag — and there's a real bar code on the tag, so you know that the thrift store means business.

Value Village has categorized the old Tim Hortons lids as "Decor/Housewares", so presumably you can either use the lids to keep your coffee warm or else display them on your mantelpiece like an antique coin collection. Which, fair enough.

Naturally, Twitter users are already weighing in.

One user was saddened by the blow to Canada's economy.

Another user felt that Justin Bieber might like to know that the lids were for purchase.

No word yet on whether Biebs has actually seen the Tweet, but watch this space.

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TJ Connors

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