cheez-it canada

You can finally buy beloved American Cheez-It crackers in Canada

A wonderfully cheesy snack that has been popular in the U.S. for almost 100 years has finally made its way across the border, meaning that Canadians can now get their hands on a box of beloved Cheez-Its from coast to coast. 

Kellogg Canada announced today that the crackers have been available in Canadian grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations since early January. 

The snacks are now being sold in stores across the country, and they come in four flavours and two formats.

Customers can choose between Cheez-It Crackers (the original bite-sized square snacks) or Cheez-It Crunch Crackers (the rippled, chip-like textured crackers).

Cheez-It Crackers come in both Original flavour and Hot & Spicy, while Cheez-It Crunch Crackers come in Sharp White Cheddar and Zesty Cheddar Ranch flavours.

"Based on initial consumer response, we know Canadians have been waiting a long time for this day and we're thrilled to finally bring Cheez-Its' uniquely craveable snack experience to the True North," said Christine Jakovcic, VP Marketing and Nutrition of Kellogg Canada Inc, in a news release.

cheez-it canada

The new-to-Canada snacks will come in four different varieties. Image via Kellog Canada.

"For Cheez-It fans, their unwavering devotion is rooted in an obsession with real cheese. And we couldn't agree more," continued Jakovcic.

"We believe that real cheese matters and that's why it's baked right into every bite for a flaky, crunchy satisfaction that you have to taste to believe. Your snack bowl will never be the same!"

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