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You can now get all you can eat KFC buffet in Canada

You can now get "All You Can Eat" KFC in Canada but you'll have to travel to the small town of Weyburn for it.

The Sasketchwan town offers hungry diners the chance to eat unlimited fried chicken, salads, fries, mashed potatoes, and the Colonel's famous gravy — all for the price of 12 dollars.

And the location is becoming more popular; Premiers Jason Kenney and Scott Moe even had a meeting there in 2019.

Kenney captioned the photo "If you can KFC buffet together, you can work together."

And it's not just government officials that love the iconic location — many Saskatchewan locals are regulars at the KFC buffet.

One person called Weyburn KFC a "national treasure."

And another person was willing to drive 60 minutes for Weyburn's KFC buffet.

Humboldt, Saskatchewan also offers a KFC buffet, but the hours are limited to lunch on weekdays.

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