moose farts

Edible moose farts put Canadian bakery on the map

The majestic North American moose has inspired many a tasty treat in Canada, from the nostalgia-inspiring Moose Tracks ice cream flavour to the traditional military cocktail "Moose Milk."

Some people eat the animal itself in the form of jerky or steak. There's even a dish called "jellied moose nose," which is exactly what it sounds like — and if you think that's a wild culinary creation, consider the existence of "moose farts."

Invented by Rosie's Restaurant and Bakery in Gander, Nfld. (a town whose name you may recognize from the smash hit musical Come From Away,) moose farts come in the form of small, fluffy dessert balls.

The balls do not contain actual wildlife flatulence (because how?), but they do draw people from far and wide who want to taste the fart of a moose.

"When we have tourists come in to our restaurant, that's the first thing they says," Rosie's owner Dwyane Abbott told CBC Nfld. & Labrador this week of his popular creation.

"That was one of my highlights.... you know what I mean? 'Home of the moose fart,' hey? What better name?"

Proud as he is to share the name of his flagship dish, Abbott says he'll never reveal the recipe. All we know for sure, as per the CBC, is that it contains graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and condensed milk.

That's not to say islanders haven't tried whipping up their own versions after tasting them at Rosie's.

More still have travelled to the restaurant in search of the signature dish, only to find that Rosie's also has a full menu of home-cooked dishes such as roast chicken, pizza, lasagna, hot turkey sandwiches, fish & chips and more.

Sadly for those elsewhere in Canada who want to try Moose Farts, Abbott says he won't be distributing them through retailers, as that would force him to reveal his recipe.

No word yet on what's next for the dessert artist, but I'm sure another dish named after Canada's other most-iconic animal would do well.

Beaver farts, anyone?

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Jim Chan

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