Glitch Retro Arcade Bar

This bar in Canada has a bathroom totally dedicated to Ryan Reynolds

A Vancouver bar has an entire bathroom dedicated to actor Ryan Reynolds — and the Canadian star is loving it.

Reynolds isn't shy about his love for his hometown — the actor's Twitter and Instagram accounts are named after the city (@VancityReynolds) and he even has a tattoo of the city's famous 9 o'clock gun on his arm.

Now, Glitch Retro Arcade Bar is letting patrons get up close and personal with their favourite Canadian celebrity.

The '80s and '90s-themed bar offers skee ball, pool and Nintendo, but the highlight is definitely snapping a picture in front of the Ryan Reynolds shrine.

Glitch's bathroom features dozens of photos of Reynolds over the years, including magazine spreads, television appearances, and a promotional shoot for his brand Aviation Gin.

It's basically every hardcore fan's high school locker, but bigger.

The best part?

Ryan Reynolds fully approves of the bar's epic picture wall.

Replying to a tweet about the bathroom on Wednesday, Reynolds said, "FINALLY someone combined my two favorite passions: peeing and judging myself."

However, some Canadians were quick to point out that Reynolds committed a very American spelling error.

But they quickly forgave him, because — let's be real — the man is a national treasure.

Glitch is having its official launch party on February 29, but the bar is already fully operational.

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Ryan Reynolds

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