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Canada is obsessed with Harry Potter themed bars

Canada seems to be obsessed with Harry Potter-themed bars and The Potion Room in Calgary is one of the latest places that might have more magical potions than Snape's storeroom.

Located in Calgary's Inglewood district, the Potion Room will make you feel like you apparated to Hogwarts. From the starry night ceiling to the Slytherin banner on the wall, this place is more epic than the time Hermione punched Draco in the face.

The bar opened its doors in January.

The "potions" menu boasts 25 magical drinks, including Butter Beer, The Golden Snitch, and 50 Shades of the Dark Lord: a black cocktail served in a golden goblet.

Unicorn's Blood is the most popular drink on the menu, but fans of Hedwig (RIP) may want to order this delicious cocktail called "The Owls Delivery" instead.

Make sure that you're hungry when you go, because The Potion Room serves up food straight out of the Hogwarts kitchens.

You won't need to bribe a house-elf or tickle a pear to get to these snacks, though; you can simply order the jinxed jerk tacos, bewitched butter chicken, and fudgy cauldron cake off of the bar's menu.

The best part? All of the prices on the menu end in 3/4 — an homage to J.K. Rowling's mythical train station.

The Potion Room is just the latest addition to Canada's growing number of Harry Potter-themed bars and restaurants.

Guelph, Ontario boasts an epic Harry Potter-themed brunch place called Lumus & Nox, which promises "sweet and savoury waffles with a riddikulus twist!"

The Lockhart — a magical cocktail bar — has locations in both Toronto and Montreal. Muggles are treated to regular Harry Potter trivia nights, as well as the bar's signature butterbeer with a torched marshmallow on top.

The first Harry Potter book may have been published over two decades ago, but it seems that plenty of Canadians are still eager to experience parts of the wizarding world.

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Jesse Milns at The Lockhart

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