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You can now order food from KFC in Canada using only a voice command

As if it wasn't already way too easy to order and eat takeout without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, KFC Canada announced today that they're piloting Google's new food ordering feature.

The new feature will make it even easier to order takeout with KFC by allowing customers to place an order for delivery or pickup using the Google Assistant on Android and iOS phones.

Hungry for fried chicken? All you have to say is "Hey Google, order food from KFC" to start an order. 

And if you want to reorder items from a previous purchase, you simply have to say "Hey Google, order food again from KFC," and Google Assistant will pull up past orders instantly. 

The feature also includes a new button on Google Search and Google Maps so that Canadians who search for their local KFC will see a new "Order Online" button.

Once they click it, customers will be able to browse their local KFC menu, place an order for delivery or pickup and pay all in one place without ever leaving the Google platform.

"We want to make every KFC order easy for our customers," said Jason Cassidy, marketing director of KFC Canada, in a news release

"We are excited to work with Google on their innovative food ordering platform and believe it gives customers the frictionless experience they are looking for."

So if you already have trouble resisting the convenience and delicousness of ordering fast food for delivery, get ready for it to be a whole lot harder. 

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