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McDonald's is now selling scented candles but they're not in Canada yet

It seems everyone is hopping on the bizarrely-scented candle train these days, because McDonald's just announced plans to release a pack of candles that smell like the ingredients of a Quarter Pounder. 

The pack of candles will include six scents: ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and beef.

The new head-scratching product is part of a line of merchandise being sold online for the "Quarter Pounder Fan Club" on the company's new Golden Arches Unlimited website

"Do you have a burning love for the Quarter Pounder?" the website asks. "Would you like some burning candles too?"

Other products set to be sold online include couples Quarter Pounder mittens, a 2020 Quarter Pounder calendar, a "Quarter Pounder with Love" locket, a Quarter Pounder fan club t-shirt, an "I’d Rather Be Eating a Quarter Pounder" sticker and a Quarter Pounder fan club pin

Unfortunately, the products won't be available in Canada just yet.

"Right now, the focus is on the debut of Golden Arches Unlimited in the U.S." a McDonald's spokesperson said. "However, we look forward to potential expansion in other markets."

So keep an eye out Canada, because a beef-scented candle could be coming your way before too long. 

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Golden Arches Unlimited

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