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Sobeys has officially eliminated plastic bags in Canada but it's getting mixed reviews

Last Friday, Sobeys officially got rid of plastic bags — and a lot of Canadians aren't happy about it.

The Canadian food giant replaced their plastic bags with a more environmentally-friendly, paper model.

And while Sobeys is being rightfully celebrated for becoming more sustainable, some customers are pointing out that their new paper bags are just a little impractical.

This Canadian man found his groceries in the street.

And this woman had a similar experience.

This man pointed out that handles would be a helpful addition to the new bags.

And this man still felt that Sobeys isn't doing enough.

Still, many Canadian businesses are proud to see their fellow companies taking the first strides toward a greener future.

And really, Sobeys is pretty committed to sustainability — they even built a parking lot out of plastic bags.

Sobeys is continuing to phase out their plastic bags in the next few weeks.

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