tim hortons chicken sandwich

People really want Tim Hortons to bring back the chicken sandwich

Remember when Tim Hortons introduced a $1.99 chicken sandwich in May? Well, the sandwich mysteriously disappeared around October — and Canadians want it back.

The sandwich included crispy chicken, lettuce and mayo stuffed inside a fresh bun.

It was the cheapest sandwich on the Timmy's menu, costing Canadians less than a toonie.

Canadians were a little miffed when the sandwich was quietly removed from the menu — but there's reason to hope that the sandwich might soon be making a return.

Recently, Tim Hortons has ditched fancy meat alternatives and its flurry of whacky menu experiments to focus on what it knows best: coffee and doughnuts.

The chicken sandwich is very on-brand for the coffee franchise, and naturally, Canadians are excited about a possible relaunch.

This person wants the sandwich back ASAP.

And this person is prepared to sue if Tim Hortons continues to deprive Canadians of crispy chicken.

This Canadian made the crispy chicken sandwich its own food group.

And this woman's day was straight-up ruined when she couldn't have her Timmy's chicken sandwich.

For now, Canadians will just have to look forward to Popeye's iconic crispy chicken sandwich arriving in 2020.

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Roberto Caruso

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