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This is what Tim Hortons looks like in Dubai

Dubai might just do Tim Hortons better than Canada.

The Canadian coffee chain's plan for global domination hit the United Arab Emirates in 2011, with stores opening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Within years there were around 20 stores in the area, and plans to expand to well over 100.

Ex-pats and non-Canadians just discovering the chain alike both seem to love the locations. People are especially fond of 'gramming their signature red coffee cups with brown lids in front of the Burj Khalifa.

Some cafes look almost identical to ones here in Canada, whereas others are more incorporated into the local landscape and design.

Unlike Canada, in the United Arab Emirates donuts actually somehow seem to match their marketing imagery. 

You'd think the town where the Nestle factory is located would be the one to get a Smarties donut first, but it looks like they're doing it better than we ever could in the UAE. 

Not only that, but they have even more epic donut flavours we may never see in the Great White North, such as pistachio.

There's even a choco coconut flavour.

Some locations of Tim Hortons in the UAE even have table service. How's that for outclassing us?

And of course, they're putting their own spin on the signature Tim Hortons offering, coffee, with items like pistachio lattes. 

Lead photo by

ksana.travels. Writing by Amy Carlberg.

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