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Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2020 will include reusable cups

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim for 2020 will be in for some major changes afyer 35 years. The coffee giant announced it's modernizing the annual contest this year and will be going digital.

Yes, Tim Hortons is revamping Roll Up the Rim as part of its ongoing effort to become more environmentally-friendly. It will run from March 11 to April 7.

Although Canadians can buy physical Roll Up the Rim cups at select locations for the first two weeks of the contest, they're encouraged to play on the Tim Hortons app or online instead.

Tim Hortons will kick off Roll Up the Rim 2020 by giving away 1.8 million reusable hot beverage cups for free on March 10.

The franchise will also reward customers that use a reusable mug by giving them a total of three digital rolls — part of their ongoing effort to get customers to switch to travel mugs.

Chief Marketing Officer Hope Bagozzi said, "The contest will allow for a combination of paper, digital and sustainable play. We will reward guests who make the sustainable choice by using a reusable cup."

Participants will be entered to win a variety of exciting prizes, including cash prizes up to $100k, the 2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Samsung TVs, Tim Hortons new Dream Donuts, and 40,000 AIR MILES® Reward Miles – enough for a trip for two.

With Tim Hortons also recently announcing that it will introduce almond milk at all Canadian locations, it seems 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the coffee franchise.

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