Tim hortons almond milk

Tim Hortons will start offering almond milk at all of its stores in Canada

In an effort to give customers more of what they actually want from a coffee shop, Tim Hortons is about to start offering milk alternatives beyond "2 per cent" and "chocolate."

Skim milk and almond milk are both set to hit all locations of the Canadian cafe and restaurant chain this spring — something customers (or at least me, when I still went to Tim Hortons) have been requesting for more than a decade.

New dairy free and low-fat dairy options are some of many basic tweaks we can expect from Tim Hortons in 2020, according to its parent company, after a string of unsuccessful product line experiments.

Restaurant Brands International Inc., which owns Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeyes, revealed in a press release on Monday that the former brand actually saw a decrease in sales over the course of 2019.

"At Tim Hortons, our performance did not reflect the incredible power of our brand and it is clear that we have a large opportunity to refocus on our founding values and what has made us famous with our guests over the years, which will be the basis for our plan in 2020," wrote RBI in its release.

During a yearly earnings call with analysts, RBI CEO Jose Cil said that the iconic coffee giant will focus in the year ahead on "elevating the quality of its core categories" — read: making better coffee and cookies, as opposed to pushing meatless breakfast sandwiches and over-the-top "dream donuts."

Cil also said in the call that Tim Hortons will be accelerating the roll out of new coffee brewing machines at its cafe locations "for better-tasting and more consistent coffee quality."

The aforementioned milk alternatives should be available in just a few months, if all goes as planned for the chain, along with better quality bacon.

This is great news for the many Canadians who prefer healthier or more ethical alternatives to milk and cream... but only if Tim Hortons can get its act together on the coffee front.

No amount of almond milk can save a stale cup of caffeinated garbage water.

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