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You can now get maple syrup flavoured Coke in Canada

Coca-Cola is known for using everything from polar bears to Santa Claus in their marketing, but their latest ploy for selling sugary drinks is targeted specifically at Canadians.

You're pretty much not from this country if you don't love maple syrup, so a new Quebec Maple flavour from Coca-Cola is bound to get the nation's attention.

Available wherever you buy Coke, the product almost seems like it's testing us: will we really put maple syrup on anything, including soda?

In retro glass bottles with dark blue caps, the special flavour is packaged in navy and beige with a maple leaf illustration and fleur-de-lis, and made with cane sugar.

A special British Columbia raspberry flavour is also available now.

It's doubtful many have tried adding one of our homeland's prized ingredients to Coke, but if you've ever wondered what that would be like, well, I guess now you have an answer.

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@hayashpeydal. Writing by Amy Carlberg.

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