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Costco stores in Canada are pure chaos as shoppers stock up for coronavirus doomsday scenario

Big stores like Costco are dissolving into chaos as Canadians rush to prepare for coronavirus.

On Thursday, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam urged Canadians to prepare for a possible outbreak of the virus by "keeping extra food and medication on hand, managing childcare arrangements, and preparing alternate arrangements for work."

She reiterated that the risk to Canadians remains low.

This weekend, many Canadians took Tam's advice to heart and rushed to stores to spend thousands of dollars on cereal, canned vegetables, Kraft Dinner, bottled water and rice.

Many Canadians couldn't even get into the stores because they were so jam-packed; in Burlington, Ontario, the line to get into Costco stretched around the block.

The Costco in Burnaby, B.C. was in chaos as shoppers rushed to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak; Spam, black beans, Lysol wipes and toilet paper were among the most sought-after goods.

In Vancouver, red meat and chicken flew off the shelves; the entire deli at Costco was wiped clean as shoppers frantically stocked up on packaged meat.

Although hilariously, not every Vancouver shopper made canned goods and meat their priority.

Walmart and IKEA also experienced shortages this weekend, with shoppers desperately grabbing supplies to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak.

The empty shelves gave the stores an eerie, post-apocalyptic look.

As of March 1, there are 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada. Ontario has 15 cases, British Columbia has eight cases, and Quebec has only one case.

Forty-seven Canadians aboard the Princess Diamond cruise ship have also tested positive for the virus.

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