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Labatt is shifting production from beer to hand sanitizer at breweries across Canada

Labatt Breweries of Canada has stepped up to the plate and announced they'll be shifting production efforts to hand sanitizer. This follows in the footsteps of some much smaller distilleries in the country that have also shifted production efforts.

On March 22, Labatt Breweries announced on social media they'd be producing 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to distribute to Food Banks Canada as well as front line workers and restaurant and bar industry partners.

Facilities in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, London and Montreal are reported to be shifting production to make the sanitizer.

Labatt is responsible for distributing popular beers like Blue, 50, Modelo, Shock Top, Rolling Rock, Michelob and Keith's. Labatt's Disaster Relief Program, founded in 2012, also distributes safe drinking water.

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