roll up the rim 2020

Roll Up the Rim 2020 just started at Tim Hortons and people are super confused

Roll Up the Rim 2020 just started at Tim Hortons, and Canadians are super confused, because wasn't this thing cancelled?

Let's go over the facts.

In February, Tim Hortons said it was giving away reusable cups and switching to an online format to be more environmentally-friendly. Then on March 6, the Canadian coffee giant scrapped the reusable cups and, one day later, it got rid of paper cups, too.

So is Roll Up the Rim still going ahead without reusable cups, paper cups, or any real format?

Apparently so.

Naturally, many people are confused as to what's happening.

This person needed some answers from Tim Hortons.

And this person felt that somebody needed to call the advertising department ASAP.

Apparently some Tim Hortons locations — like this one in Buffalo, New York — are still giving out paper cups.

While others are really not supporting Tim Hortons' new digital platform.

Basically, people are just super confused in general.

Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim 2020 contest will officially go ahead — but without paper cups. Instead, cash registers will randomly determine which customers have won free beverages. Customers can also play through the Tim Hortons app or online account.

The final two weeks of the contest will be conducted exclusively online.

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Tim Hortons

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