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Some supermarkets in Canada are opening early to let seniors shop without crowds

Grocery stores in Canada remain open amidst global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, meaning that we can still stock up on necessities to hold us over for now. 

As reports reveal the highest fatalities among seniors worldwide, one Canadian grocery store has announced that it's extending its hours of operations just for older folks. 

In Kitimat, British Columbia, Kyle's No Frills announced that it would open one hour early on Monday just for seniors to shop. 

"The store will be stocked, cleaned, and sanitized overnight to allow them to get the supplies they need in a less crowded and stressful environment," reads a message posted to Facebook on Sunday. 

It's unclear whether it'll be a repeat event, though the act was lauded on social media. 

A Sobeys location in Belmont, Alberta, had originally announced something similar on social media this weekend, in which it would open the store for seniors at 6 a.m. Tuesday. The event was cancelled Sunday "due to many uncontrollable factors." 

Different measures, from increased screening at airports and store closures across Canada, are being implemented to curb the drastic growth of coronavirus cases that hit over the country over the weekend.

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