starbucks closing stores

Starbucks is closing stores and removing seating in cafes across Canada

Starbucks is officially closing down some stores in Canada due to the spreading coronavirus outbreak.

The American coffee giant said that it will be closing down all stores in "high-social gathering locations" such as university campuses and shopping malls.

Stores located in communities with a high number of coronavirus cases are also at risk of operating with reduced hours or shutting down entirely.

Starbucks will also move all locations to a "to go" model to discourage social gathering by Wednesday, which includes removing all cafe seating, modifying the condiment bar, and encouraging employees who handle change to wear gloves.

Starbucks will also add an additional $10 million into the company’s financial emergency fund for employees who are unable to work.

In a letter to employees, Starbucks President Lori Digulla said, "I know this can be hard and heavy, and I thank you so very much for your courage to lead through it."

"All 23,000 of us have already proven ourselves nimble, courageous and so true to our culture, I've never felt prouder to be a partner."

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