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Tim Hortons is now giving free coffee to healthcare workers in Canada

There's no question that we owe our healthcare professionals all the thanks in the world for working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic while the rest of us stay home, and that's why Tim Hortons is providing nurses, doctors and hospital employees across Canada with much needed free coffee. 

The coffee company posted on several of their social media profiles yesterday that their trucks will be travelling around the country giving free beverages to those serving their communities. 

"Starting today, our coffee trucks will be out serving free coffee to those serving communities across Canada," they wrote on Twitter yesterday. 

"Today we were at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto - thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and hospital employees working hard to keep us safe!"

The post also includes a photo of a Tim Hortons bag with a note taped to it that reads, "St. Mikes Team, Thanks for being on the front lines in this crucial time! All the best, Tim Hortons."

Many are impressed with the company's heartwarming initiative, and some healthcare workers have even chimed in with their thanks. 

"Thank you. With cafeterias and coffee shops closed in hospitals across the province, this is welcome during our 12h shifts," one person wrote

Another Canadian who works in the ER at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto asked if they could be the next stop, to which Tim Hortons responded, "Thank you for all that you do. We're doing our best to cover as much ground as possible and will be sure to pass your recommendation on to the team."

So if you're a doctor, nurse or hospital employee in Canada, don't be surprised if a truck rolls around with free coffee for you as thanks for your hard work during these trying times. 

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