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Tim Hortons cancels Roll Up The Rim To Win cups because of coronavirus

Tim Hortons has cancelled the traditional way we play Roll Up The Rim To Win for 2020. This comes just a day after the coffee and donut chain announced they'd stop accepting reusable cups and therefore delay that new part of the contest that was hyped just two weeks ago.

Today's announcement of the reformatted sweepstakes comes after coronavirus cases have surged across the globe in the past 24 hours. 

Thousands of passengers continue to be quarantined off the coast of California in the Grand Princess cruise ship, New York declared a state of emergency after confirmed coronavirus cases spiked to 89, and British Columbia declared a COVID-19 outbreak at a North Vancouver care home.

The 2020 edition of Roll Up The Rim will not just not include reusable cups, it won't include any cups at all. The familiar paper cups with a rim that reveals prizes ranging from free coffee to TVs to cars will not make an appearance this year. Instead, Roll Up The Rim 2020 will be moved online and to the Tim Hortons app.

It all has to do with health concerns regarding staff handling of cups and trying to eliminate anything that could increase the risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

In a news release, Tim Hortons stated in part that "the current public health environment" has led them to conclude "it's not the right time for team collect rolled up tabs that have been in people's mouths."

Roll Up The Rim 2020 will still distribute $30 million in prizes.

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