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Drive-thru restaurants in Canada are putting their card machines on hockey sticks

One fast food chain in Canada is now using hockey sticks to maintain social distancing with customers, and it's the most Canadian thing ever.

Harvey's, the Canadian burger chain, is attaching each point-of-sales machine to a Bauer hockey stick in order to limit the contact between employees and drive-thru customers.

Even more heartwarming? A portion of the proceeds of all drive-thru sales will be donated to Food Banks Canada.

Harvey's Burgers CEO David Colebrook said, "Only in Canada would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey's burgers."

"It's a creative and fun solution to a challenging issue. And it ensures we can keep feeding Canadians through our restaurants and food banks."

Bauer Hockey VP of Global Marketing Mary-Kay Messier said, "We're all one team in combating COVID-19 and in helping to keep one another as safe as possible during this pandemic."

"Until hockey re-starts, we're glad to put our sticks to good use."

With companies across Canada stepping up to produce medical supplies, donate masks to healthcare workers, and feed people in need, we certainly can all be proud to be Canadian.

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