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Inabuggy facing numerous complaints about their grocery delivery service in Canada

Canadians are angry with grocery delivery service Inabuggy after orders failed to turn up and some were overcharged for their groceries. 

In a thread on Reddit, one user detailed their experience where they were charged $1,882.31, for a $245.81 order. 

"I was supposed to have my groceries delivered on Friday morning, March 27th, (which was rescheduled for Saturday). But then I had seen an updated invoice email from Inabuggy. Suddenly, I was charged $1,882.31 CAD! They had changed an order number of mine from purchasing a SINGLE bag of carrots to 455 bags! I had thought this was an error they would fix but my young adult ignorance was wrong," user liitdragon wrote. 

According to the user the full charge went through and when they contacted Inabuggy, they said they would reverse the charges but that still hasn't happened. 

And they're not the only customer who feels ripped off and mistreated. 

Another customer from Toronto, Kate A., posted a review on online saying that she never got her order and they never credited her account for the $300. 

"They have basically stolen $300 from me at this point," she wrote. 

On Twitter and other social media platforms there are countless other reviews detailing the poor customer service, late deliveries and cancelled orders with no warning, communication, or refund.

There are also lots of complaints about how Inabuggy doesn't respond to emails and deletes negative comments and reviews on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Two days ago an Instagram account, inabuggyisascam, popped up to collect stories of other customers who have been mistreated by the company. 

"INABUGGY cancelled my order the day of purchase then did not provide a refund," wrote user chloxos in a response to one of the posts. They said they lost $400. 

Julian Gleizer, Inabuggy's founder and CEO, told Freshdaily that he understands that these are stressful times and people are frustrated.

But Gleizer ensured that Inabuggy is working tirelessly so people get their orders delivered and they're communicating delays and changes the best they can. 

"Unfortunately due to the circumstance, the high volume [of orders], the long lines, and shortage of stock, we don't guarantee time slots but we're doing our best to get orders out in the same day," he said, adding that recently orders have been delayed between 24 to 36 hours.

"We do communicate as best we can and anyone that requests a refund is being done right away."  

Gleizer told Freshdaily that to deal with the increase in demand Inabuggy is scaling up their staff. 

"We're hiring hundreds of shoppers a week and we're actually looking to hire thousands more [employees] whether it's customer support or shoppers, we're looking to hire as many as possible," said Gleizer.

Yesterday, Inabuggy also announced they will be providing free delivery to seniors and people with medical conditions, as a way to help those who are most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis.

"We've prioritised these deliveries so that these customers are looked after first and then we go ahead with our other orders as usual," Gleizer explained. 

Hopefully these new initiatives will help appease some of the disgruntled customers. 

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