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Doctor leads spontaneous mass workout session while waiting in line at Costco in Canada

With social distancing measures currently in place across Canada, many people who aren't use to waiting in line for anything — least of all to buy groceries — are experiencing first-hand what it's like to be an unconnected club-goer or a Toronto fast food junkie.

Ridiculously long queues outside stores such Costco have become the norm, inspiring some shoppers to get creative with how they pass the time.

Dr. David Keegan, a Calgary-based family physician, was standing outside an Alberta location of the big box retailer on Saturday afternoon when he started to get chilly.

The obvious fitness buff started doing some lunges to heat his body and, before long, he was leading a full on, 20-minute-long group workout session for everyone else in the parking lot.

When sharing a series of videos from the experience on Saturday, Keegan explained on Twitter that he first started lunging on his own but felt like everyone could benefit.

"People just watched me doing my lunges. It was when I hollered out that 'It's time for a Costco workout' that pretty much everybody literally jumped right in," he wrote.

"What worked was that pretty much everybody there was ready for something like this," he continued in another tweet. "I just made the spark."

And what a spark it was: Not only did Keegan get what appears to be more than 100 people doing squats, lunges and press-ups with "air dumbells" while in line for groceries, the doctor is inspiring people all over the world via Twitter to start their own "line workouts."

With more than 1,600 retweets and some 12,600 likes, Keegan's original Twitter video has now been viewed nearly 237,000 times and is winning praise from doctors, community organizers and superstar athletes alike.

"Because you are truly an amazing doctor and human," wrote Canadian hockey great and four-time Olympic gold medalist Hayley Wickenheiser of Keegan's video on Twitter.

Others are praising the doctor's excellent form and initiative in getting others to participate in some healthy time-killing fun that doesn't involve staring at a phone.

The feedback has been so great that Keegan even offered to help Costco Canada design a guided lineup workout strategy.

"Thank you @costcocanada for doing your part in keeping food on our tables in this time,"  he tweeted. "Would you consider hiring fitness instructors to lead #lineupworkouts?  It would not just be fun, but help everyone's mood and overall health."

Costco has yet to announce any such initiative, but Keegan appears to have purchased the domain, which he's using to encourage others and teach them how to participate in the new movement.

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Dr. David Keegan

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