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Loblaws says healthcare workers will soon get priority access to all its stores

Following the lead of supermarket chains like Longo's and Costco, Loblaws is implementing special shopping policies for frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Though the company already has a special hour dedicated for seniors and other vulnerable populations to shop before the general population each day — a concept many other stores have similarly enacted — they are now also vowing to give doctors and nurses priority by letting them jump customer lines.

Since social distancing measures were implemented and began to be more strictly enforced in recent weeks, essential businesses that still remain open have had to limit the number of shoppers allowed in at one time, leading to long lineups outside of popular grocers like Loblaws in many regions.

The last thing those risking their lives working long shifts in medical facilities during these trying times is to wait in a long lineup to pick up grocery items.

All hospital staffers will need to do is show their work ID at the door to get let in to the store when they arrive anytime during opening hours.

The rule will apply to all stores under the Loblaws umbrella in Canada, including Loblaws, Zehrs, Your Independent Grocer, Provigo, Atlantic Superstore, Dominion, Valu-mart, Shoppers Drug Mart and more.

Though the news was just announced, many residents are already commending the company for this small but important act of supporting our healthcare heroes during this time.

Though of course no one wants to wait in line, those of us who are healthy and working safely from home all day (or not working at all) can surely sacrifice a bit of our time so that those who are most at-risk and/or who are sacrificing the most right now can have their turn to shop.

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